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Monitoring Gamma Radiation

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air.

Please contact us at LANL with comments, suggestions, or requests for information.

NEWNET Project Leader Mike McNaughton
NEWNET Technical Support Gregory T Stanton
NEWNET Web Support Orval F. Hart
Koranne Ostic Randow
Radiation Resources
  • DOE Office of Environmental Management
    This site offers much information on, and many links to, topics related to nuclear radiation and the environment
  • Sources of Radiation
    A graph showing the sources of background radiation for the U.S. population and their relative contributions to a person's annual background radiation dose
  • Radiation and Health Physics
    Health physics topics for the general public and the health physics community, maintained by the University of Michigan Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society
  • Radiation Protection and the Human Radiation Experiments
    A two year study by the Human Studies Project Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory, addressing questions concerning the ethics and conduct of human radiation experiments that were carried out by the Los Alamos researchers from the Manhattan Project days through the 1960s
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